Would Love to See XS on The Flash

A while ago I posted something about why Jesse Quick should be introduced on The Flash TV show. I still think she’d be a great addition, but now, for some strange reason (maybe it was all the time travel stuff in the final episode of the season), I’ve been thinking about Jenni Ognats, XS, being on the show.

There’s already talk about Wally or Bart showing up in season two and although they are probably the more popular choices, I think there’s a case to be made about XS. Not only would it be wonderful to see a speedster from the future, but it would be great to see the granddaughter of Barry and Iris. She’d be like that byline in that future newspaper (West-Allen) made flesh. Wouldn’t Bart also achieve this, you ask. Sure, but I think Bart would quickly be swept up in the side kick, Kid Flash/Impulse role that will eclipse the more familial relationship.


Jenni would probably gravitate toward Iris, she did in the comics when she visited our time and was kind of shy/awed by Barry. So she’d be a natural ally for Iris and you could use this dynamic to turn Iris’ entire story arch this season on its head. Like Joe, she could have special parental bond with this young speedster with vital information about Barry’s death and to protect him, they’re going to keep it a secret, but act to help him. It doesn’t have to last the entire season, maybe an episode or two, but I think it’d be great turn around as well as something crazy and sci-fi for Iris to do.

Anyways, I hope the show finds a way to use XS. I was always a fan of her on the Legion of Superheroes, but I absolutely loved when she interacted with the Flash Family.

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