Villains I'd Like to See on The Flash S2

Everyone knows we’re going to get Mirror Master and Dr. Alchemy this season and eventually with all the time travel shenanigans, we’ll see Abra Kadabra, but here are the less popular villains I’d like to see next season and why.

1) The Turtle

Between the Reverse Flash and now Zoom the speed villains get all the love. I’d like to see the Godfather of Slow take on the Fastest Man Alive. I keep thinking they could do something like Danny DeVito’s Penguin. Someone grotesque and tragic. Also with Earth 2 opening up you can bring in some of these old villains without having them be particle accelerator accidents.


2) The Shade

Speaking of Earth 2. I think this villain would bring a lot of class and sophistication to Barry’s TV rogues gallery. You need to do him in full top hat and Victorian wit to really do him justice, but if you channel some Doctor Who creepy cheesiness it could definitely work, especially as a Halloween episode. Again the Shade could be easily worked in as a Jay Garrick foe that followed him across the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

3) Magenta

This one is more for Wally, but since he’s going to (hopefully) be developing powers having Magenta as a childhood friend/love interest also gaining powers - and not dealing well with them - would make for a nice contrast. I wouldn’t have this be the cliche “crazy ex-girlfriend” story, but more a troubled friend you just can’t save no matter how hard you try type of thing. It would add some nice depth to the newly introduced Wally West.


4) The Folded Man


I liked this villain a lot when he first appeared in the comics simply because of the fun visuals. I think it would be interesting to see what the team that brought us Gorilla Grodd does with him on TV. Besides, with the singularity opening up all these extra dimensional possibilities for the show (Didn’t the particle accelerator do that too?) it’d be interesting to see Barry up against a guy that can bend space and time.

5) Replicant

This one might be a fun one for Cisco to take on since he built most of the non-powered Rogues’ weaponry. Once all the iconic villains have been introduced you can have this guy copy their abilities, which would also piss off Snart so there’s opportunity there for more reluctant hero/villain bonding.


So that’s my list. Who would you like to see?

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