Superior Spider-Man was Robbed

I've been thinking about The Superior Spider-Man a lot lately, probably because I binge read the whole thing, but also because I really connected with the character. I think in part I tend to like brilliant, asshole protagonists like Sherlock and Sheldon and Gru, but also because over the course of 30 issues I got to know Spider-Puss,and if not like him I feel I at least understood him. I wanted him to not only win out, but grow and change as a person. The potential was there! You could see it in the way he cared about Aunt May and Anna Maria. Dan Slott did such a great job with the character that even though I knew it couldn't last (Amazing Spider-Man 2 was coming to a theater near you) and villains never win for long, I was rooting for him.

Which is why I was so disappointed when Otto's ending was unfairly stolen from him. Over the course of his book the confrontation with the Green Goblin had been building. There was no doubt Parker was coming back soon, but I think Otto deserved to beat Osborne and save the woman he loved. Was he a ruthless prick? Yes, but I would argue no more than Wolverine and the Punisher. He earned the right to go out a hero. I think the fact that he was stripped of everything that made him Dr. Octopus (even his mechanical arms) and he was experiencing real fear and regret, made him ripe for change (In fact he did change, but instead of conceding Parker's superiority, which was entirely out of character, he should've been forced to get creative, think outside the box.) All he had left were his Spidey powers (and some of Parker's memories) and his keen intellect. He should've realized that that combination was something new the Green Goblin had never faced, it's what made him superior to Osborne. I was so pissed when he bowed out of his own story that for a while I didn't want to read the last issue. Eventually I did read it and was treated to your standard, boring Spider-Man story where all Parker did was remove the Goblin's mask and save the day.


I know he's going to be around some for this Spider-verse "event" but the opportunity is passed and now every time I see the Superior Spider-Man he'll just be a alternate universe shadow of the person/hero he could've been.

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