Jesse Quick Should Join Legends of Tomorrow

One of the things I was most excited about in The Flash Season 2 was the introduction of Jesse Quick. This made me happier than the appearance of Wally West because I knew that was inevitable, but Jesse was an unexpected treat. It also helped that Violett Beane managed to balance her youth and brilliance with such charm.

So imagine my utter disappointment when after so many teases (her nickname, V9 overdose, the team keeping Trajectory’s costume, 3X2(9YZ)4A, the Speed Force coma) Jesse Quick never really happened - not the way I wanted. I know the show had a lot to wrap up in its final episode, but come on, she could’ve gotten enough speed to get her rookie ass kicked by Zoom and then end it with Jay’s offer to train her in exchange for passage to Earth 3. The seems small edits wouldn’t have changed the story much and added a lot to the character’set growth. But there was nothing. Not even a hint.


So this is my case for why Jesse Wells not only needs to power up, get her own costume and fulfill the promise of Jesse Quick, but why after a few episodes of The Flash season 3, she should join Legends of Tomorrow. Note: I don’t know how Barry’s time line change will affect Jesse, but let’s assume it’s not going to be too drastic or permanent, because time travel rarely is on this show.

1) She needs space away from her overprotective father to develop as her own character. This is also true about her intellect, we keep hearing how much smarter than Wells she is, but with him around she’s relegated to playing the daughter.


2) Legends of Tomorrow needs more women and with Kendra gone, Jesse Quick could easily fill that empty seat. Also, it’ll give the show a way to explore the effects of a Speedster’s time travel without messing too much with The Flash’s story.

3) Next season the Justice Society is going to play a big role on Legends and Jesse has every right to be a part of that story as she’s a member of the JSA as were her parents and Jay Garrick. You can keep the mentorship angle with Jay, but also introduced her to a wider superhero community.


4) Also she’s married to fellow JSA member Hourman (Rick Tyler, not Rex) and since this is the CW and they’re all about the forced romance, they can definitely explore that possibility with the Hourman that was introduced at the end of Season 1.


5) Finally, eventually they’re going to focus more and more on Barry and Wally’s relationship on The Flash. We’re going to see Wally become a hero and I’m afraid that Jesse is going to be sidelined, which makes sense as she’s not part of the Flash legacy and her story would be redundant on that show, but on Legends her own rich Legacy would shine.

So those are just a handful of reason. Would you like to see Jesse on Legends or keep her with the Star Labs gang?


While we’re at it, I also think Mr. Terrific should move over from Arrow and fill Captain Cold’s seat on the Waverider.

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