I'm Afraid for Captain Cold

Like most viewers of the CW’s The Flash, I love Wentwoth Miller’s Captain Cold. He’s so charming and droll. He sells all the cheesiness and even though we all know Barry should be able to disarm him in 5 nanoseconds, we love to see them fight. (And banter!)

But I’m afraid that his popularity is going to inevitably ruin him, like Spike on Buffy/Angel. They’re already trying to make him a “good guy” if not an outright hero. Part of his charm is that he’s a cold, calculating bastard, not evil but certainly not good. He should have a warped sense of honor, yes, but that’s the extent of it. I know in the comics he’s dipped his toe into the warm waters of heroism, but for the most part Captain Cold has been firmly on the wrong side of the law i.e. leader of The Rogues, active participant in the Legion of Doom and occasional Injustice League member. He’s more fun that way.


His recent appearances on The Flash and his upcoming stint on Legends of Tomorrow are kind of worrying me. I hope the show runners aren’t trying to turn him as much as Barry is and I really hope he eventually shows his true colors and totally fucks up his fellow Legends before their short season is over, putting him solidly in the bad guy camp. Perhaps his attempt to save his younger self convinces him that there’s no redemption...I don’t know, but Captain Cold’s keen mind should be put to good used against The Flash.

Which brings me to Season 3, I love the evil speedsters just as much as the next Flash Fan, but I think after two seasons we need to give them a break. Cold and his Rogues Gallery should really be the main threat of Season 3 maybe culminating in a massive Rogue War. It could be driven by the split between the two Tricksters, with Cold caught squarely in the middle like a mob boss trying to hold on to power. I don’t want to know how they do it, but Leonard Snart needs to be built up as a threat again or we risk losing one of the Flash’s great classic villains.

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