The Savitar Bible

Okay, after last night’s episode of The Flash (302, Paradox) I saw some folks speculating that maybe Julian (Malfoy) Albert was Savitar and I freaked out. I love Savitar. I grew up reading Mark Waid’s Flash and, for me, Savitar is sacred as far as villains go. He needs to be portrayed just right. So I figured I would…


The Flash Needs More Comedy

While we wait for The Flash to come back from the winter break, I wanted to share that the above image has haunted my dreams since this episode aired. I couldn’t put my finger on why until today. The reason is because the gag was genuinely funny. The thought immediately following this realization was: Man, The Flash

Iris West and The Flash

I love Candice Patton’s Iris West. She brings a lot of heart and strength to the character. I also understand that the writers of The Flash are having a hard time incorporating her into the actual show (Yes, this season has been a 100 times better than the first, but she still feels like a secondary character instead…

Superior Spider-Man was Robbed

I've been thinking about The Superior Spider-Man a lot lately, probably because I binge read the whole thing, but also because I really connected with the character. I think in part I tend to like brilliant, asshole protagonists like Sherlock and Sheldon and Gru, but also because over the course of 30 issues I got to…